5 Exploring Microphones for Drums

While it is entirely possible to buy  explicitly for a drum, it is not required. Indeed for the majority of things that need to be miced for a drum set, especially at this price-point/venue-type, there is no reason that you need to use something other than a standard instrument microphone. Having said that, there are microphones developed for specific situations and reasons.

In this part we will explore every microphone choice that I made, why I chose it, and other possible variations. We will often have three choices for other options: High-price, Low-price, “even this would work”. The “even this would work” group is often going to be something either absurd, but totally work-able, or “all I have is….” and finding a way to get it to work. These three other options will not be explored in depth, rather they are for reference if you wanted to seek out other alternatives and where to look and how to look.


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