14 5-Piece 0-2 Microphones

This was a different drum set:

What is not visible in this picture is the kick drum — there is a full skin on the back. This means that there is only going to be one kick mic, and it is kick-out. This doesn’t mean that we will be loosing the 10th mic slot for this package, it does mean that this kit might sound a bit different on the kick drum than the other though. In fact it is a completely different kit, so it will all sound slightly different, but mainly in the kick drum.


With 0 microphones, just like with the 4-piece kit, we could work with this, but frankly it can sound significantly better.

5-Piece 0 Mics



With 1 microphone, again using my “One microphone to rule them all” style, we get just an enhanced version of what we heard previously. This doesn’t help us bring out the nuance that the drummer is creating, and it doesn’t help us bring up those lows that are being lost.

5-Piece 1 Mics



With 2 microphones I diverged from the 4-piece this time. Instead of putting one on the kick like almost everyone everywhere would tell you to do, I thought that I would get a better snap out of the snare if I brought that up first. I wasn’t wrong. If this was worth the sacrifice to the kick, I don’t know. I don’t think that you should use only two microphones for a kit this size anyhow, but I think it was the better choice for this kit and this lick.

5-Piece 2 Mics


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