4 Tuning Toms and the Kick

While the Snare is very delicate, and arguably the single most important drum of a kit for some styles, the rest of the “boring” drums follow similar tuning tips that go beyond that of generic tips. So here is a rapid fire of specific tuning tips for all toms and the kick drum:

Rack toms most often are ringing because of a lug not being entirely in tune with the others.

Floor Toms tend to make everything more exaggeratedly out of tune.

TomsĀ love perfect intervals.

Kicks like to be tuned in unison — both the front and back of the kick under pressure while tuning the other.

If you add a skin to the back of the kick the front skin will detune.

If you have new skins, always stretch them evenly.

Remember, tuning by ear is always better than by gauge. If it sounds in tune, and it sound how you like it, it is right, even in there is slight fluctuation in what a gauge might tell you.


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