13 4-Piece 0-2 Microphones

This is where we start to wonder “do we have enough microphones?” There are a whole host of times later where we could cut off, but here we really are dying for microphones. 0 microphones, while it is pretty bad, it is not unworkable, if we then tune the rest of the system around the drums. (This just brings us back to the fact that tuning drums is very important).

4-Piece 0 Microphones



Because of the way I decided to mic the kit with one microphone, essentially I was just amplifying the room sound of the drums. This is not inherently bad, and great if you are recording the drums somewhere, but it is still not really enough to make it feel like a show anyone paid money to see.

4-Piece 1 Mic



Two Microphones I added the Kick drum, but I kept the one microphone. This gave us something far better to work with, and we are approaching probably the bare minimum of what I would expect a drum set to sound like if I paid money to see a show in a comparable venue.

4-Piece 2 Mics


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