Thank You

Welcome to a guide to live drums in a to . The venue in question for this book is Gateway Alliance Church in Plymouth, New Hampshire. I am incredibly grateful to Gateway for this ability. Though this is not the type of  venue that I wanted to work in, Gateway is a classic small venue church in New England. The sanctuary, which is most of the floor plan of the church, is a rectangular box with a few windows. There is a slight rise for the stage, and that is it. Why was this not the venue I wanted? Well, it is not treated at all, and has no subwoofers or real low end, and it is a smaller rectangular box than I wished. Why is this the venue that I chose? Because we are making this book during the fall of 2020 — the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic. This just exacerbates the amount I am incredibly grateful to Gateway Alliance Church for allowing me to do this.

Thank you to Parish Dawe who was the drummer and stand-in drum tech for this book. He brought his own 5-piece drum set, as well as most of the drumming accessories for this book. He tuned the drums and got the kit itself in working order so I could focus primarily on the audio for the book.

Thank you to Beth Houdyshel for lending the use of her 4-piece drum set.


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