1 How to Prep a Drum Kit

This is not my forte. I am sufficiently acceptable at this, but I am not the best. I am an (I have more practice as an , but prefer ). I am good at , and understanding how and why they work and where to place them. I am not a . I am not an authority on the tuning or the prep of a drum or a drum kit. I do have some resources I look to that I would love to point you to as well.

Jared Falk, a Canadian drummer and teacher, explains why and how drum tuning is important. He is a professional at this, and does a really good job explaining why and how to tune a drum kit. Victor Guidera, an Audio Engineer who has worked with drummers a lot, does a good job explaining in depth how to tune drums to themselves. One thing that both of these people say, and something that I would re-iterate with all of my experience working with drummers and drum techs, do not tune to a number, Drums don’t have to hit 440 Hz every time, they have to sound good for the sound you want. I know a lot of heavy metal drummers who want a real “CRACK” out of their drums, and they actually de-tune one lug slightly so the reverberations disappear into that nebulous area of the skin. And of course, my drummer for this book, Parish Dawe is who tuned my drums for this book.


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