1 How to Prep a Drum Kit

This is not my forte. I am sufficiently acceptable at this, but I am not the best. I am an (I have more practice as an , but prefer ). I am good at , and understanding how and why they work and where to place them. I am not a . I am not an authority on the tuning or the prep of a drum or a drum kit. I do have some resources I look to that I would love to point you to as well.

Jared Falk, a Canadian drummer and teacher, explains why and how drum tuning is important. He is a professional at this, and does a really good job explaining why and how to tune a drum kit. Victor Guidera, an Audio Engineer who has worked with drummers a lot, does a good job explaining in depth how to tune drums to themselves. One thing that both of these people say, and something that I would re-iterate with all of my experience working with drummers and drum techs, do not tune to a number, Drums don’t have to hit 440 Hz every time, they have to sound good for the sound you want. I know a lot of heavy metal drummers who want a real “CRACK” out of their drums, and they actually de-tune one lug slightly so the reverberations disappear into that nebulous area of the skin. There are many more little tips and tricks that your learn as a drummer or a drum tech. As I am neither of those things, for this book, my drummer Parish Dawe tuned all the of the drums.


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