16 5-Piece 3-5 Microphones

Here we go again with three mics. Using the one microphone and the snare mics I already had, I added a kick out microphone. In this case I used the EV ND64, because I like the sound more than the Shure Beta. Again, this is just not enough microphones.

5-Piece 2 Mics



With 4 microphones I think we are gettingĀ close to what I would call the minimum for a 5-piece kit. The I added the overheads in this case, and they are tuned to a stereo image sound. Just adding that depth to it gives us a lot, but adding a floor or rack tom microphone is still needed. I think both.

5-Piece 4 Mics



5 Microphones is the bare minimum. Placing the next microphone is a difficult decision, I decided to give you the choice as well. The first time I added it to the most used rack tom (often though not always the one nearest the snare). The second time I added it to the floor tom.

5-Piece 5 Mics


5-Piece 5 Mics B


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